Sehra Pumps have been manufacturing pumps for all kinds of uses. We use revolutionary technology to pump out water from the ground for different purposes. Our engineers are working around the clock in the R&D department to make our pumps faster and more efficient. Our determination in achieving a hundred per cent customer service has made our pump services very popular across the country. Let’s take a look at some of the different pumps we offer our customers:

· Centrifugal Pump
The working of the centrifugal pump is based on the rotational energy that is generated by the motor. Once the fluid start entering the pump impeller, the speed is increased causing the flow of water to move towards the exit.

· Dredging Pump
The suction within the dredging pump causes the pump to suck out the water and pass it onto the sluice. This process actually causes the pumped water to pass through a filter system as well at the same time, thereby removing the gravel found in groundwater.

· Polder Pump
Most polder pumps are portable making it usable in fields for irrigation purposes and other agricultural purposes. They have even been used in removing waste water, making them very useful.

· Sewage Pump
Sewage pumps are often used in areas here highly contaminated water needs to be pumped out. They come in different sizes that can be used according to the size of the job.

· Submersible Pump
These portable pumps can be submerged completely in the water. Their easy portability in addition to the fact that it also prevents pump cavitation makes them a favourite. They ae often used for drainage, slurry pumping, industrial pumping. Sometimes they are also placed into a borehole and used for residential water extraction.

· Dewatering Pump
The dewatering process is carried out at building sites, power stations, sugar mills, mines, municipalities, cement plants, etc. The dewatering pump simplifies the process and also reduces the time taken.

The well-trained professionals at Sehra pumps can help you out in case you run into any trouble with your pumps. We have a full-fledged team of engineers and mechanics who can also help you pick out the pumps you require for your specific needs. Setting up a pump might seem like a tedious task if you are not familiar with it. You can give us a call, and we will send along our expert hand to your doorstep. You can sit back and relax while the pump is being installed.

Sehra pumps also take up contracts for setting up pumps in residential areas where there is a water scarcity. We can help you fit a pump to the borehole and get you back to normal life with running water every day. Sehar pumps also carry plenty of filtering devices to ensure that the water you are using is of the purest form. Our multi-layer filters have been hailed by experts as a revolutionary product. So walk in today and find out which pump to get to have access to water or clear out a sewage tank. We have all the answers.