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Submersible Pumps

This one is generally being used for dewatering from Building Construction sites (Water mixed with Saline, Oil, Ash etc.), Hydro / Thermal Power Stations, Mines, Sugar Mills, Municipalities, Steel, Cement Plant etc. The Pump is driven. by transformer oil filled Submersible electric motor; Oil which acts as lubricant in the motor and keeps it cool and pump shall work even without being fully submerged.

The construction of the pump is - Pump below and motor above (See illustration) and suction inlet is at the bottom so that water is pumped from the lowest level and discharge outlet is at top.
The MOTOR (Squirrel cage-induction type) is protected against the contamination from surrounding water by Mechanical seals.
All parts are made from specially selected material to withstand against high abrasion and corrosion.
It is portable pump and can be easily shifted to alternative site for reinstallation and withdrawal of the unit as well as replacement of normal wearing parts on site with minimum labour.
For fixing no foundation or pump house is required.
The pump can be installed in vertical, horizontal or inclined position.



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